Guard Tour Systems

ButtonMemory & ButtonWand

This system is designed to ensure guard tour operations have been perormed with back-up reports to prove it. The system utilizes small ButtonMemories that contain a unique serial number. ButtonMemories are easily insalled at predetermined property locations.


The guard on tour uses a ButtonWand to read each button on the guard's tour. By simply touching the Button Wand to a ButtonMemory, the gurad has instanly recorded the date and time the gaurd visited a site.


As the guard makes rounds on the property, a report can be stored in the ButtonWand with comments applicable to a location such as "unlocked", "vandalism", "light out", "trash/ debris", etc. At the conclusion of the guard's tour, the ButtonWand is placed in a downloader/charger.


With the aid of the software, the data is downloaded and can generate a variety of reports.


For facilites without a computer, tour report can be downloaded directly to printer.

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